Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I didn't really want to right about the oscars because I new everyone would be writing
about the oscars and then you'd just get sick hearing about it!
but here are some of my faves
AMY ADAMS- Her dress was very very pretty some people didn't like it but i enjoyed it
I do think she could have worn some sort of necklace

KATHERINE HEIGL- once again some people didn't like her but I loved her so much
it fit her body sooo well!

CATE BLANCHETT- shes Cate what can i say


coco said...

I love what Katherine wore
I think her hair looked great too

Molly ;) said...

I like the outfit above.
Its got that coloured tights look that i adore :) x

LBIC said...

I like Amy Adams' dress, but it reminds me of something Isla Fisher wore a couple of years ago and since they look a lot alike, it was a little bit of a mindtrip lol

Tru said...

hmm i think i do like the top outfit but she needs to work on the hair i think thats whats throwing me off

Kira Fashion said...

the first look is cool, but i would chage the yellow tights for another colour like blaCK OR grey...

a kiss]
great ´post!

keep in touch!


Kira Fashion said...

hello again!

thanks so much for posting me back!!!

a kiss

and keep in touch, ok?


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Oh I adore those yellow tights!

Flashy_Shades said...

i absolutely love those lime tights

molly said...

hmmm im torn about that outfit too!

Carolina Lange said...

I really liked Katherine's red dress, beautiful!